About the Doctor

Signature Health P.C. is based on a new concept in providing health care called concierge medicine. As a concierge or, more appropriately, membership-based practice, Signature Health limits its total patient base to only 600 individuals per physician. This small number of member-patients ensures that your physician is allowed the time needed to provide you the personal health care you need and deserve.

Signature Health eliminates the time constraints associated with traditional medical practices. In today’s traditional medical practices, each physician serves thousands of patients, often as many as 40 patients a day. With only a limited amount of time to devote to each scheduled appointment, it is difficult for a physician to address all of a patient's concerns or questions during an office visit.

In a traditional practice with thousands of patients, appointments are often scheduled days, if not weeks in advance. Even then, you may have to endure inconvenient delays in crowded waiting rooms. The limited practice size of Signature Health allows for same- or next-day appointments and no waiting.



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